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“Zaika… the taste”

 Saint Lucia’s Authentic Indian Dining Experience Delivered

Offering selectionsfrom the original cuisine of India, “Zaika…the taste” has amplified the Indian dining experience in Saint Lucia with its authentic Indian restaurant in the Center of the Rodney Bay Marina.

The restaurant officially opened its doors on November 23rd2015 and has already created waves on the taste buds of adventure diners from around the world and residents of Saint Lucia.

Investors Sachin Narhari and Ashok Vaswani explained that the authenticity behind the restaurant goes as deep as their own bloodlines.

Both individuals have been living in Saint Lucia for a combined 35 years and are nationals of the island – making the near EC$1million investment a local one.

Vaswani, is the proprietor of the “Flavours of India” restaurant in Vieux Fort and he explained that “Zaika…the taste” is designed to deliver the Indian dining experience in a manner that is fitting to the Indian culture.

Zaika, he explained, means “taste or flavour” in English, and the restaurant’s official name is stirred as “Zaika… the taste”.

With their partners Shobha Mathur and Monica Vaswani, the two have truly delivered an excellent authentic dining experience and ambience designed to maintain a presence in both the minds and taste buds of its patrons.

Nestled comfortably in the busy tourist area of the Rodney Bay Marina, the restaurant fits perfectly with the existing complement of eateries in the area, bringing something different and we dare say authentic to the space.

Shobha Mathur explained that all the spices used in the restaurant are shipped directly from mother India and all meals are prepared by native Indian chefs under the guidance of Executive Chef Devendra Singh Kathayat who brings some 15 years of experience in Indian and Italian food to the Saint Lucian market. Kathayat is known for his catering to the Prime Minister of India and top-level celebrities of the country.

“The food is authentic even without the spices. When people think of Indian food mostly they think it has to be spicy but we can prepare mild dishes to satisfy the specific requests of our patrons,” Mathur said.

As far as décor, Sachin Narhari cited the Indian architect Paras Narhari who ensured that even the bolts and door handles were as authentic as they could possibly be, with most of the restaurant and what sits within it being shipped directly from India.

Included in the flamboyance of it all is a photo corner complete with Indian dress and other paraphernalia for patrons to use and take a “selfie” to further cement their Indian dining experience.

On the subject of food and variety, it is understood that unlike most Indian restaurants which offer cuisine from particular zones or parishes in India, “Zaika…the taste” has sought to offer a little bit of everythingfrom everywhere.This means that locals and visitors alike can savour the culinary delights of all that truly represents India – from breakfast, to lunch and of course dinner.

There is even a buffet section that caters to those who might only be interested in experiencing the ambiance rather than the cuisine – much like the “continental” breakfast that is also available for those dining early and the almost “global” section of the menu that is designed to tap into the taste buds of almost anyone at anytime.

“Zaika…the taste” is open seven days per week and has already taken steps to exceed the expectations of its guests by including open-air dining around the pool tucked away neatly at the side of the restaurant.

“Fine dining by the pool” is how investor Ashok Vaswani puts it, with a fully stocked pool bar to complement the outdoor experience.

He explained that even with the already extensive offerings, plans are already underway to include a first class grill in the pool area as part of efforts to cater to a wider audience.

Already the establishment has some 16 locals under its employ and with the expansion plans, this number is expected to climb considerably.

So when planning to enjoy an authentic Indian dining experience be sure to visit “Zaika… the taste” at the Rodney Bay Marina.