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Antigua & Barbuda Sickle Cell Association

The Antigua and Barbuda Sickle Cell Association (ABSCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Sickle Cell patients and their families in as many ways as possible.

An important part of its work is improving awareness of and knowledge about the condition. Some of its projects are: regular seminars for patients and families, the biannual National Sickle Cell Conference for both general public and medical professionals, fundraisers and awareness projects.

Recently, the Association achieved government approval for newborn screening and is working on its implementation.

It has established a Sickle Cell Clinic – a work in progress, since it does not have the funds to operationalize the clinic yet.

The main focus at the moment is to source funding in order to staff the clinic. Treatment of painful crises should be delivered at specialized Sickle Cell clinics, where health care providers who are experienced in the treatment of Sickle Cell crises are able to help fast and efficiently.

ABSCA relies entirely on donations and fundraisers. Any help is sincerely appreciated.


Antigua & Barbuda Sickle Cell Association