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DASH5 Event Day

Our affiliate photographer Jammerson Hunte (@CreedKool) did an exceptional job for this on event day.

DASH Independence Colour Run has completed what has been described as its most exciting and impactful year yet.

The event is designed to coincide with the Saint Lucia Independence celebrations and has successfully maintained the title of most colourful event on the island’s independence calendar for the past five years.

Thousands of participants flocked the Choc Bay starting point well ahead of the 6:30am start time on February 24, 2019, where a kaleidoscope of powder could be seen splashed across individuals of all ages from head to toe.

With its usual on-time start and tight security, the walk which took most of 90 minutes from start to finish, was not only incident free, but credited for its precise management and an example for event organizers the island over. READ MORE