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/ Photography / Zaika – Reaping the Rewards of Expanding Services
Zaika – Reaping the Rewards of Expanding Services
Alex Holder

With more than two scores of reviews since its opening in November 2015, Zaika The Taste is steadily earning its stripes with formidable TripAdvisor reviews that is guaranteed to cement its place as a choice dining destination in Saint Lucia.

More than 85 percent of the Zaika reviews are “Excellent” and the company’s dedication to service and its customers have extended into its social media responses even on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant’s media monitors have acknowledged the overwhelming favorable responses and have also taken the time out to address the not so favorable ones with a vow to addressing the anxieties of those not-so-happy about their experience.

According to Director Sachin Narhari, the goal of the operation remains to uphold the authenticity of the Indian dining experience as well as to ensure the satisfaction of everyone who enters the restaurant.

“We understand that we might not be able to please everyone all the time, but we are still working to ensure that we get as close as possible to the ideal goal of 100% satisfaction,” Narhari said.

To achieve this Zaika has expanded its list of services tremendously to include aspects that cater to almost every whim and fancy of the dining public.

“There is something for everyone here and if you look carefully at the reviews, you will notice that families, groups, children, couples and even individuals have found a place here and we are extremely proud of that achievement.”

For Narhari and his team, the published reviews are equally as important as those unpublished but carry the weight of verbal exchange and impact and more immediately the consuming public.

To this Zaika has created an atmosphere of inclusion that encourages feedback and customer participation in the overall growth of the Zaika brand.

For families, the restaurant has proven to be something of a routine gathering sanctuary that arouses conversation and strengthens bonds. The same could be said for children who, during the day, find fun in the pool while their parents enjoy a two-for-one bar and loungers. Individuals have also come to adore the location for its unobtrusiveness and warm service, while groups of friends and colleagues have equally embraced the location for its outdoor evening atmosphere that stimulates socialization and camaraderie.

These extraordinary feats continue to capture the attention of the dining Saint Lucian public and the wider hospitality community, with Bay Gardens being among the first hotels to partner with Zaika for the ultimate alternative dining experience for its guests.

These are the possibilities at Zaika the Taste, and it is only the beginning.

(First Published June 2016 – Business Focus St. Lucia)