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/ Events / McNamara Citizenship Services Supports Blind Welfare Association

McNamara Citizenship Services Supports Blind Welfare Association

McNamara Citizenship Services Incorporated (MCSI) have responded to the call of the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA), which has been to question its future due to considerable funding challenges.

The Association provides education and vocational training, employment free, social services, eye-screening, low-cost eye glasses and blindness prevention to members of the blind community in Saint Lucia, and with the support of the MCSI such services will continue for some time longer.

Initial reports suggest that the SLBWA, established in 1972, could close by October without the much needed support. Some 80 percent of this support is free of cost.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) for MCSI, Jonathan McNamara, said his family’s firm has followed closely the challenges of the Blind Welfare Association and other similar groups in the island and has been encouraged to strengthen its corporate social contributions in the interest of family and community.

“MCSI is a family based operation that continues to pride itself and build upon the core traditional values of McNamara and Co which are rooted in excellence and professional conduct,” he said.

MCSI is one of the very first approved Authorized Agent (AA) under the Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP) of Saint Lucia which offers a full service advisory agency, providing all the services associated with acquiring citizenship.

The firm uses its own “intimate knowledge of the Saint Lucia program” to guide potential clients through the process of obtaining citizenship to ensure the highest success rate with client’s applications.

Also, building on the subject of citizenship and nationhood, MCSI believes native Saint Lucian families and groups should realize tangible and immediate benefits of the CIP programme.

Receiving the cash donation was SLBWA Executive Director Anthony Avril who thanked the MCSI team for extending the reaches of the CIP benefits to grass root Saint Lucians well-deserving of the support.

“We are greatly appreciative of this gesture and we invite the wider corporate Saint Lucia to join our cause and help us to see a brighter future. On behalf of the members of the SLBWA, thank you. We hope this is the beginning of a sustainable relationship,” Avril said.

According to the MCSI COO, “McNamara Citizenship is directly involved in several projects that are rooted in the CIP that will bring over 10 million $USD in direct foreign Investment and over 50 permanent jobs to the Island.”

Since the beginning of 2017 McNamara Citizenship has been instrumental in getting the word out to Agents especially in Dubai where McNamara Citizenship represents several of the key players in that Region who are involved in Economic Citizenship.